Welcome to Huma Pasargad Energy Kish!

HUMA is an Iran based company serving the oil & gas industry as well as mining & energy sectors. HUMA not only acts as an intermediate between the manufacturer and the end user, it also has a manufacturing facility in Kish Island, Iran and manufactures its own range of products.

With a head office in Kish lsland, HUMA is an enthusiastic and energetic company which lays the greatest emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery. Thanks to its innovative solutions, HUMA provides an extensive portfolio of critical equipment and services.

We design, manufacture and support reliable testing, wellhead control and chemical injection systems that are well known for their reliability and longevity, supreme ease of maintenance and ready availability of spare parts.

Furthermore, we are a specialist supplier of an extensive range of products and services to the oil and gas industry and energy sector.

In brief, we serve our clients with:

  • Well Testing & Early Production Facility Equipment
  • Process Equipment
  • Instruments
  • Drilling and Mud Chemicals
  • Mining and Refinery Products

Combined with the expertise and experience, HUMA is a true one stop shop. We aim to be a true partner!