With competent skilled work force and a modern manufacturing facility in Kish Island, HUMA main activity is to design and manufacture of process equipment. Utilizing the latest design technologies and components, we are able to offer high quality, well designed and constructed equipment including:

  • Well Head Control Panel.
  • Pressure Test Unit.
  • Emergency Shut Down Panels both Single and Dual String.
  • Chemical Injection Skids.

All our products meet the stringent requirements of the industry standards to ensure long and trouble free operation for many years. We work closely with our Supply Chain to ensure that components proposed have been specifically designed and tested to meet the exacting standards our customers require for a reliable and efficient system.

Solutions can be completely customized based on customer operational requirements from weight and footprint layout to operational functionality. We also offer standard designs where client preferences are not defined.

Well Head Control Panel for Onshore

Wellhead control panel (WHCP) is key equipment for the control and monitoring of oil and gas production wells to ensure safety and increase performance and reliability.

The WHCP primarily controls/ operates the Christmas tree & down hole valves on wellhead using hydraulic components. Various instrumentation is involved for the close monitoring of process parameters like flow line pressure, control supply pressure, status of hydraulic pumps driving the actuators, status of valves being controlled, status of initiation of emergency shutdown logic, etc.

We design and manufacture various types of wellhead control panels for onshore applications. Our products are designed strictly in accordance with all international relevant standards and client specifications/regulations to operate in harsh onshore desert environment conditions.

The simplicity or complexity of the system is based on the requirements of the project and client specifications.

The standard Single wellhead control panels are designed to controlling one production well, whereas the multi - well control panels can be used to control multiple wells.

Various well control logic options can be used for the control of the system from pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic or electro-pneumatic based control to completely automated solution with M / PLC based (SIL2 or SIL3 rated) Safety Instrumented systems which can be monitored & operated from remote locations.

Our design engineers are available to assist clients with development of their project design.

Pressure Test Unit

Pressure test unit is widely used for pressure testing and recertifying pressure contacting items, such as valves, piping, hoses, tubing, casings and any other type of equipment requiring high pressure static testing. Pressure test units are provided in working pressure ranges from 5,000 to 22,000 psi and are available in unit-mounted, portable and skid-mounted styles.

In addition to offering typical pressure test units, we are able to develop exclusive designs to meet specific client requirements having reliable and continuous operation under all circumstances.

The units are mostly provided with pneumatically driven hydraulic pump(s) as well as all necessary valves, tubing & fittings for the safe operation in high pressures.

Chart Recorders are also available as accessories to assist with documenting test performance of equipment being tested with all styles of high pressure test units.

Our extensive experience and expertise in high pressure test units, enables us to assist clients in the proper selection of pressure test unit to meet their application and certification requirements.

Emergency Shut Down Panel

Emergency Shutdown Panel is designed to control hydraulically actuated flowline valve on the flowhead or/and surface safety valve (SSV) upstream of the choke. The ESD panel provides necessary actuating supply from its air-driven hydraulic pumps.

Necessary Logic is provided to generate an emergency shutdown signal and permit manual or remote valve closure upon detection of any abnormal conditions such as a pipe leak or break, equipment malfunction, fire, or similar emergency during well testing operations.

The ESD system is also used to reopen the valves. Pressure from the system’s air-driven hydraulic pump is applied to open the valves and released to close them.

ESD comes with minimum two remote stations which are located in an area removed from all pressurized equipment on an escape route.

High and low pressure-sensing pilots can be located at strategic locations throughout the surface equipment. If these pilots sense either high or low pressure in the flowline, the well will be automatically shut in via a hydraulic / pneumatic relay in the control panel.

The ESD panels are constructed from SS316 stainless steel to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Gauges and controls are recessed to minimize risk of damage during frequent transportation.

Apart from our standard ESD designs we can provide bespoke design and manufacturing solutions for ESD Panels based on client specific requirements.

Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical Injection Skids are used to inject a precise and accurate amount of chemicals into a system at a required pressure to reduce corrosion, remove formation damages, clean blocked perforations, Improve crude oil quality and many other process requirements.

Our range of Chemical Injection Equipment is designed with consideration to the end user operational requirements with regard to access to facilitate safe operation, inspection and maintenance. They vary in type and specifications depending on specific use and requirements, available in Single-Point injection, Multi-Point injection, Multi Compartmental, Multi-Head Pump, mobile skids, Pneumatic/ Gas Operated and Solar-Powered chemical injection skids.

For safe and trouble free operation, each chemical injection skid is provided with set of valves and instrumentation for different operation and application.

Chemical Storage Tanks are fabricated from 316 L Stainless Steel or similar and designed in accordance with client requirements and/or internal design calculations.

The pumps can be of diaphragm or plunger type with manual/automatic stroke control and run by various types of motors like electric, solar powered, solenoid driven or air operated motors.